Welcome to my website. Here you can find some information about me and my practice. I hope you will find this helpful in choosing the right therapist for you. I believe that the fit between therapist and client is very important for successful psychotherapy. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and a licensed clinical psychologist. I have conducted psychotherapy since 1969 and taught psychology to undergraduates and graduate students since 1971.

I have a deep fundamental trust in the human capacity for growth and change. My job is to assist in that process. I believe that the quality of the relationship between us is highly significant so I strive for an honest, accepting, and supportive therapeutic environment. Real interpersonal contact is always my initial goal.


My approach to therapy begins with deep listening and an effort to understand the experience of each client. I believe that successful therapy always begins with a safe, accepting, non-judgmental relationship between therapist and client. There is an abundance of research to show that this relationship is the single most important factor in any kind of psychotherapy.

I have extensive training in Gestalt psychotherapy, an in-depth model which puts great faith in the capacity of each individual to grow and change. While I draw on many therapy traditions, my focus has always been on humanistic, existential, and Gestalt theory.

You may have heard cognitive behavioral therapy touted as evidence based. True and it can produce excellent results. Rest assured that many other approaches yield equivalent results. Decades of therapy research show that when done in the context of deep, genuine therapeutic relationship and an accepting environment, therapy outcomes are similar regardless of the therapeutic model.


As a psychologist I cannot prescribe medications; only a psychiatrist or other medical doctor can.

 However, I feel quite comfortable consulting with physicians and recommending appropriate medication for my clients. Many family physicians appreciate this since they don't specialize in psychological treatment.

Because of the common use of medication to treat mental and emotional problems, I have educated myself by reading and attending regular psychopharmacology workshops.

I also monitor clients’ responses to medications and report back to the physician as appropriate.


My fee is $120 for a psychotherapy session which lasts from 45-50 minutes.  After 30 years without a raise in my insurance reimbursement rates, I reluctantly stopped accepting insurance. I regret that this will pose a hardship for some of you.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 937-767-7044 at any time. I have a 24 hour confidential answering service. My office is located about the Winds Cafe right in the heart of Yellow Springs where Rt. 68 is called Xenia Avenue. Although I am limiting my practice after nearly 50 years as a therapist, I have some great colleagues to whom I can refer you if I am not available. I'm happy to talk with you to help you explore your options.

People come to my practice from all over the Miami Valley including Dayton, Springfield, Xenia and Fairborn. The office is easy to find whether you are coming form Vandalia, Oakwood, Cincinnati or Columbus.


All of us at Yellow Springs Psychological Center work with people of all races, religions and ethnicity; from all kinds of economic, social, and cultural backgrounds, with differing gender preferences and identities. You are welcome at our practice.

Since I lived, traveled and taught overseas for four years in both Asia and Europe, I am especially comfortable working with people from other countries. I am also respectful of people's spiritual needs and values and can incorporate such beliefs into therapy.