Bob Barcus. Ph.D., Clinical Director
213 Xenia Avenue
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Welcome to my website. Here you can find some information about me and my practice. I hope you will find this helpful in choosing the right therapist for you. I believe that the fit between the therapist and client is most important for successful psychotherapy. 

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University and in addition to my clinical practice I have taught psychology at the graduate and undergraduate level since 1971.

A licensed clinical psychologist I have been practicing since 1969 when I saw my first client in graduate school. I have been in private practice in Yellow Springs since 1986. I first moved to the  area in 1983 to teach psychology at Wright State University and work at a mental health center in Dayton. 

I have a deep fundamental trust in the human capacity for growth and change. My job is to assist in that process. I believe that the quality of the relationship between us is highly significant so I strive for an honest, accepting, and supportive therapeutic environment. Real interpersonal contact is always my initial goal.


My approach to therapy begins with deep listening and an effort to understand the experience of each client. I believe that successful therapy always begins with a safe, accepting, non-judgmental relationship between therapist and client. There is an abundance of research to show that this relationship is the single most important factor in any kind of psychotherapy. 

I have extensive training in Gestalt psychotherapy, an in-depth model which puts great faith in the capacity of each individual to grow and change. While I draw on many therapy traditions, including cognitive-behavioral, behavioral, and psychoanalytic, my focus has always been on humanistic, existential, and Gestalt theory. 

I work with each client to create a safe environment that promotes deep self-awareness and self-acceptance. Building on a supportive and confidential therapeutic relationship, I try to facilitate meaningful experiences in the therapy session. I believe that such direct experience is the great teacher. 

My therapy generally emphasizes emotional expression over intellectual analysis and in-depth growth over quick fixes. 

I see each person as a unique individual to be heard,understood and appreciated.